NLP Sales Mastery

NLP Sales Mastery

A career in sales is a brilliant job prospective in a highly globalized and consumerist world. It is the most determining step of a whole business chain because if sales fail to deliver, the business will turn to dust. Despite its significance, sales are not trained scientifically. When you fail to deliver as a salesperson or the salespersons of your enterprise don’t meet targets, it may not be necessarily because of the personal shortcomings. It’s the proper scientific training that is missing in action.

Let us put this simple: It’s a known fact that consumers differ from each other and we need to employ different tactics to different individuals. The NLP sales mastery makes this easier by classifying customers into seven based on their traits and enabling you to understand them, approach them in the right way, and sell successfully. The workshop will update you with the latest of sales strategies, so that you needn’t depend on outdated techniques to negotiate with new-age customers. NLP Sales Mastery is a tailor-made programme for salespersons which would help them DOUBLE THEIR SALES, INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS and GROW BUSINESS.

This unique workshop combines hypnotic sales, NLP sales and conventional sales strategies to make you an efficient and successful salesperson with an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION. The workshop integrates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that explores the relation between thought, communication, behaviour and expressions. Since sales involves such spontaneous emotional and intellectual responses, making use of NLP helps to put them in order and bring them to the best use of sellers. It also trains in 101 prospective methods, over 32 referral methods and presentation skills.

Hypnotic sales:
This is a communication method with the client, where one uses hypnotic language to bring down resistance from the client to ease the route to purchase. It is planting our product in their subconscious mind so that they would feel an urge to own the product. Sales Mastery NLP is an orientation workshop that helps you to utilize your mental powers for sales and meanwhile, includes numerous practical lessons as well as training. This is designed by Dr. P.P. Vijayan in such a way that one can consistently meet and improve one’s sales target, thus bringing in the most coveted success in his life.

Key Benefits:

  • Achieve your sales goals consistently
  • Achieve your sales goals consistently
  • Excel in Competition
  • Learn the proven 7 step sales process
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Boost your communication and presentation skills
  • Sell more in an energized, peak state
  • Learn transactional selling to relationship selling
  • Understand the psychology of sales
  • Generate more leads from cold calls
  • Achieve peak potential performance
  • 101 prospecting methods
  • 101 power closing methods
  • Hypnotic selling
  • Specific techniques to create sales
  • 32 new referral methods
  • 24 ways to win customers and double the sales
  • Exceeding sales targets
  • Specific formula for success
  • What you will learn:

  • How to use internet and social media in sales.
  • How to tele-market effectively.
  • How to create instant rapport and build trust.
  • How to master the art of persuasion.
  • How to handle dominant reasons that clients use to avoid buying.
  • How to strengthen the emotional reasons to buy.

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Date: 8th September 2017 – 10th December 2017
Venue: Airlink Castle, Ernakulam

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